Making Multiple Mortgage Payments? Need to Sell Your Old House? We will Buy It!

Timing in real estate can be tricky. Are you finding yourself in a situation where you are now making two or more mortgage payments because of the following situations? We can help.

  • Have you just bought a new house, and still making payments on your previous house?
  • Did you try to sell your old house, and the closing did not go through?
  • Have you been transferred to a new job, and now you have to make payments on your old house and the new house?

Instead of enjoying your new home you may feel stressed as you worry about how much more money you will throw away waiting to sell your old house.

Don't let the stress of selling your old house keep you from enjoying your new one. We have a solution for you. We can buy your house very quickly or make mortgage payments for you, and maintain the property until we sell it.


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