Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This page contains answers to the most frequently asked questions we encounter. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us at (703) 596.2255 or at and we will be glad to answer your questions about selling your home.

Q How can Sunshine Investment Group help me sell my house on my own?
A We Buy Directly from you! No commission to Real Estate Agent, No Closing cost out of your pocket. All you need to do is contact us and we will visit your house to make you an offer on that same day!
Q Are you real estate agents?
A No. We are investors. Real estate agents "list" properties and charge you a commission to sell it. There are no guarantees to know if, when, and how much they will sell your property for. On average, it can take months to sell your property. Some take over a year! This uncertainty can cause you great stress and anxiety as you get your check only after your property sells. What's worse is you don't even know how much that check will be until after it's sold.

As investors, we don't "list" your property, we buy it from you. We don't charge you any fees or commissions and can make you a fast cash offer in as little as 48 hours! What's best is we can ensure a fast, hassle-and-stress-free sale!
Q Will you pay retail value for my property?
A The retail value your real estate agent gives you will never be what you get in your pocket. Think about it! First of all, the commissions real estate agents take, can be as high as 6% off the initial price! That's a lot of money, especially if you consider the fact that your closing costs can be as high as 3%.  Secondly, by working with your real estate agent, you're bound to be required to do a number of repairs to satisfy the buyer. These repairs could cost you thousands of dollars more. Plus, since you'll still be making loan payments until your agent is able to sell your home, think of how much money you could lose until that happens!  And finally, let's not forget the cost of having your money tied up in the property. You could definitely be using it to make money elsewhere.

Bottom Line: The amount your real estate agent tells you your house is worth could be thousands of dollars less than what you'll put in your pocket.  We will make you a fair offer once we assess your situation and see your property. Our commitment is to make this a fast, stress-free and happy experience for all.
Q I am facing foreclosure. How can you help me?
A As professional real estate investors, we know how to approach your lender or mortgage company to find alternatives to foreclosing. You really want to avoid the years of credit problems entailed with foreclosure.
Q What if I lose my house in foreclosure?
A This record will stay in your credit report for at least 7 years, ruining your chances of getting credit when you need it. Creditors think that if you weren't able to pay your house, you won't be able to pay them. 
Q How quickly can you buy my house?
A In many cases, we can pay you a discounted price for your home in CASH and close as quickly as 7 Days.  However we found out that most of our clients are underwater in value, meaning that they have to sell as a short sale. Therefore, we have to negotiate with the bank first before we close. The short sale process takes somewhere between 30-45 days. Also it all depends on you; you can stay in the property as long as you want. You are the seller so the choice is ALWAYS yours.
Q My house is in need of repairs. Can you still buy it?
A Yes, we can purchase your house in its present condition and handle all of the repairs ourselves.
Q Do you have an all-in-one home buying solution?
A No, we deal with each situation on a case-by-case basis. We have no canned solution. We will analyze your situation and work with you for an easy custom solution for you.
Q I have no money. What about closing costs?
A In most cases, we can handle all of the closing costs.
Q What will you charge me in fees and commissions?
A We do not charge any fees or commissions. We are not real estate agents.


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